I’ve been trying to change from eating high carb low fat to high fat low carb for the past 8 days with amazing results! My bloating is virtually gone! The good is amazing so I don’t feel tempted by junk food and bad stuff. I’m working out again and loving it! I’m sleeping better, I’m not having big emotional drops at night anymore and my digestive health is 👍. I feel like I’ve finally found a way of eating that suits me, suits my body and will allow me to get the results I want! Best choice ever! #missi #beforeandafter #bodyconfidence #progress #weightloss #lchf #healthylifestyle #fitness #fitfam






I was feeling down lately about my progress I always end up with two steps forward and three steps back but at the end of the day I need to remind myself how far I’ve come and to not give up just because it’s been a rough couple of months mentally.

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I started my journey exactly a year ago today. No fad diets, just healthy eating 80% of the time and running or zumba a few times a week. My goal for the year was to lose 100lbs and I’ve lost 103lbs - going from 282lbs-179lbs. I honestly never thought I would do this!! 

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Yoga for Stress

Yay! So I have had a bunch of these written down and now I am finally going around doing my guides and flows. I arranged it so it would somehow flow, it’s not perfect.

Also, yes, we all know yoga is pretty darn not stressful but these are some great poses to do when your stressed out and just need to find your breath and wind down.

Downward Dog - Ground your hands into the floor and engage your inner feet. Imagine a string at your tailbone, pulling it up and back. Take a few breaths here. Feel free to pedal your feet out and feel the stretch in your calves. This pose helps calm your brain.

Cobra - Spread your hands onto your mat close to your shoulders. Push up and elbows in. Press the top of your feet and your pelvic bone into the floor. Squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Child’s Pose - There are a few variations. I like to touch my big toes together, with knees open and stretch arms out. You can also keep your knees together and lay onto your thighs. Find what feels yummy to you.

Cat/Cow - Make sure your shoulders are directly above your wrists and your knees are right below your hips. Inhale on cow, lift your tailbone and your chest toward the ceiling. Exhale on cat, round your spine, head looking down. Do a few cycles of this. Do them slow and take deep breaths.

Sitting Forward Bend - Sit on the floor, if it is uncomfortable, sit on a pillow, lifting your tailbone up about an inch. Stretch forward, head down. Do not force this stretch. Reach to a comfortable place.

Plow - Roll onto your back, slowly bringing your legs up and over your head, with your toes touching the ground. Soften your throat. Stretch your arms onto the floor.

Happy Baby - Lie on your back, bend your knees to your belly. Reach to grab your toes. I like to wrap my arms around my legs and hold onto my feet. If it is difficult to reach your toes, grab a strap or a belt around your feet to help you reach. Rock side to side, close your eyes, breathe.

Reclining Bound Angle Pose - Bring the soles of your feet together, forming a diamond with your legs. Lay down carefully, arms out. Close your eyes and breathe. If it is uncomfortable, find a yummy position. Move your feet away from you until you are comfy.

I hope this helps you destress! They are very simple poses. You can easily do these when you wake up or if you need to wind down and want to sleep.  You can do a few cycles of this. I like to take each pose with three deep breaths before moving on. If you find a pose particularly yummy, feel free to hang out there! (:

Mat: Manduka Black Mat PRO in Mod (Limited Edition) Extra LongWearing: Nike PRO Compression Shorts, unknown top, and Live Towards Love Energy Crystal Yoga Bracelet Stack

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